Hiya! My name is Raina.

I’m a freelance photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My work focuses on travel and wildlife in addition to real estate, weddings and portraits. I hold an art degree with an emphasis in photography from UC Riverside.

My uncle once told me, “You never want to turn down a photography job because you don’t know how, but because you don’t want to”. This is something I took to heart. I’ve been working on perfecting my craft for years; from photographing friends’ graduations to traveling the world and documenting each location. 

My passion is nature photography—because waking up at three in the morning to hike to the top of the mountain by yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment that cannot be replicated in any other style of photography.

When I’m not shooting, I am either getting lost in the woods or knitting at home with my cat who thinks he is a dog. As a Los Angeles native living in Minnesota, I have been (surprisingly) thriving in midwest winters. I am amped for the snowmen, snow angels, snowshoeing and all other snow-something activities. Stay tuned!